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Welcome to Liberty Family Farm & Bakery


Hello folks,

We wanted to thank all of you for the incredible support of our farm during these uncertain days we find ourselves in. We have been so thankful for the meat, eggs, baked goods,and veggie supply we have been able to offer even during this spring time before growing gets into full swing. Here at Liberty Family Farm we take a very serious attitude towards our “liberty” in growing healthy, sustainable, and nutritious food. So many of you are new to us, and I thought it would be a good idea to connect with you and let you know a little about our farm. We are glad to have you as customers!!

We have been here on the farm for 16 years growing a variety of food. This endeavor is very much a full family effort! We have 10 children. There are six at home ages 11-22 years old that work alongside us. Some of the older children have their own business ventures as well. We have sheep, cattle, turkeys, laying hens, meat chickens, and hogs on the farm. We also plant large garden areas , in addition to the 3 high tunnel hoop houses that we have in vegetable & cut flower production. Our aim is to provide our customers with a full menu from the farm.

Currently we have 625 meat chickens growing and many more to come. Our first meat chickens will be available in June. Lamb & Beef (limited) will also be ready at the beginning of June. Recently we butchered the last of our fall hogs and we will be processing more in August. We raise all our animals on grass, non-gmo grains (if they need them) , fresh air, and sunshine. Our farm does NOT use hormones or antibiotics. All our animals are raised in a very natural environment; chickens are able to scratch in the grass and eat bugs, pigs raised on pasture allows them to root up sod in search of bugs, and cows and sheep of course love to graze on the fresh grass. The animals are rotated daily onto new pasture by the portable electric fencing we use. There are portable shelters for them to get out of inclement weather.

Vegetable production is going to increase dramatically this year! Before the pandemic we were already planning on making a concerted effort to raise a large amount of food for our family to have available during the winter months. We will increase this even more for our customers. We have a lot of “hands on deck" and believe we can really make this happen for our customers. We make our own compost on a yearly basis, we try to use the “no dig “method and companion planting in our garden plots to enhance the microbial activity in the soil. We don’t use any pesticides, herbicides on our land. By crop rotation we minimize bug problems, and also add aged compost to enhance our gardens every spring.

Coming Soon!! We grow a huge variety of gorgeous flowers here on the farm, and bouquets will be for sale through the Fall. This is the 4th year in this new venture and we are super excited about it.

Last, but not least, we have a bakery on the farm. We enjoy trying new recipes with local ingredients as well as the fruits and veggies we have on the farm. Some of us here have food allergies and we are always experimenting with new GF and nut-free items. Stayed tuned to our weekly availability list. This is a general overview of upcoming products!

May Availability List




-Lettuce mixes -Salad turnips

-Kale -Swiss chard

-Arugula -Radishes

-Spinach -Dahlia Tubers to plant

-Green onions

June Availability List

-Chicken- full availability -Radishes

- Beef -Kale

-Lamb- full availability -Turnips

-Pork -Dark Red Norland Potatoes

-Eggs -Green Onions

-Lots of Lettuce -Sugar Snap Peas

-Swiss Chard -Spinach-Kale -Strawberries

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